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Building a Backyard Greenhouse


Building a backyard greenhouse is the most productive way of spending time in a practical fashion and if you are a plant buff, there is more to a greenhouse than just gardening. In these greenhouses, you find the perfect getaway for a healthy retreat. This is one place where you can have all the serenity engulfed by beauty never seen before. A backyard greenhouse is even more appealing because it is the realization of your dreams, your own home-made oasis and the joys a backyard greenhouse can offer are too good to be true.

Five Points to Ponder

There are certain aspects that you should pay attention to before you start building a backyard greenhouse:

Transcendent Type

A much a debated factor is the type of greenhouse you want. Four common types that cater to all your needs are: Victoria, hoop, lean-to and mini. Where Victorian greenhouses are beautiful and energy efficient, hoop style greenhouses promise ease of maintenance and low construction costs. The Lean to greenhouse is a sound pick for smaller yards as you don’t need to worry about maintaining temperatures, your house does it all. Last but not least, a mini greenhouse is for those who don’t have a yard. It takes up little space and can be placed on a patio or deck effortlessly.

Sufficient Space

The space and size of a greenhouse go hand in hand. Carefully evaluate if the size of the greenhouse you have decided can be easily accommodated in your backyard and if the plants you wish to grow can achieve their desired height and width in the limited space.

Mighty Materials

Maintaining a greenhouse environment is a daunting task and this is where the use of materials in construction comes into play. Make sure that the materials you choose are the most suitable according to your area’s climatic conditions. Let’s say for instance, you are living in a region that experiences longer winters. In such a scenario, a PVC greenhouse is a bad choice as PVC will result in poorer heat retention. A wooden greenhouse would do for you.  It is, therefore, highly recommended to choose materials wisely.


Weather is one other factor that you just cannot afford to ignore. Your design for a backyard greenhouse has a lot to do with the climatic conditions of your area. The frequency of snow, rainfall and length of seasons are a few factors that cannot be ignored and have to be analyzed. Go for a design only after objective evaluation that makes weather changes easier and simpler for you to handle.

Budget burden

More than anything, proper financial planning is a must call. Speculate how much you can afford to pay in the name of construction and maintenance. Consider how much a greenhouse kit will cost you. Your budget for a backyard greenhouse should be significantly lesser that that, otherwise there is no point! A functioning and rewarding greenhouse does not necessarily cause holes in your pocket. Proper budget management is the key.

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